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                              Welcome to our official website

                              National Service Hotline:400-060-0068

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                              Kailand intelligent storage equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional company committed to the integration of development, research, design, production and installation of modern logistics technology. It has strong technical force, advanced production equipment, mature production technology and perfect quality assurance system. Won more than ten qualification certificates. After decades of entrepreneurship, the enterprise has become a leading enterprise in the storage equipment manufacturing industry in the north. The company has been committed to the manufacturing and development of storage equipment for many years. The product types include: automatic three-dimensional warehouse, shuttle shelf, gravity shelf, press in shelf, attic platform shelf, heavy shelf, beam shelf, through shelf, wire bar shelf, fluent shelf, medium and light shelf and other logistics storage equipment. Now it has completed thousands of large warehouses for domestic well-known enterprises


                              High end production equipment at home and abroad

                              International quality standard system

                              The high-quality goods, superior products, high quality products

                              Warehousing service, solve the shelves


                              The professional installation team has complete installation qualification
                              Rich installation experience and various installation projects
                              Nationwide installation and lifelong quality inspection service
                              Online booking+


                              Successfully helped 2000 + customers improve warehouse utilization



                              We will release the latest information here as soon as possible


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